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What size AC do I need?

At first glance, it might appear that air conditioning cannot be used excessively. You can hardly have too much control, after all, since the whole point of having an AC is to regulate the air temperature in your home. As it turns out, there are instances where your AC is too big for your home if you factor in the cost of installation and maintenance. You must take into account a number of variables and comprehend the airflow in your home to determine how much AC you actually need. We will discuss these topics in order to assist you in deciding how much air conditioning is appropriate for your home.

Understanding How Air Conditioners Work

We use BTUs to gauge how well air conditioning is working. The amount of heat that an AC unit can remove from the air in one hour is measured in British Thermal Units. 20 BTU are advised per square foot. With that in mind, there are a few more things to think about.


You must take into account a room's size and use in order to properly cool it. Multiply the room's square footage by 20 to get the total. The advised BTU for your air conditioner is that. Before choosing a unit, keep in mind that it is typically preferable to go slightly above your recommended BTU rather than below. This is particularly true if your room receives a lot of natural light or if it serves as a family gathering spot. Stronger air conditioning will also be needed in kitchens and laundry rooms because those rooms' appliances generate heat on their own.


You must take into account your home's layout if you intend to cool the entire house with a single air conditioner. Your home will be easier to cool the more easily air can flow through it. Similar to rooms, you can choose to multiply the size of your house by 20 to determine how many BTUs are needed to cool the entire structure. One ton, or 12,000 BTUs, is used as the unit of measurement for large-scale AC systems.

Local Climate

The local climate is another important factor to take into account. In particular, if you reside in a warmer climate, you might require a more potent air conditioner. However, if you reside in a more temperate coastal region, you may want to take into account the unit's unique protective coating to stop sea air erosion.

How Much AC Do I Need, Then?

There are a few things to take into account when determining how much AC you'll need. You must first decide whether you want an entire-home air conditioner or a single-zone mini split system. The size of the area you want to cool is the second factor to take into account. By doing this, you can determine the necessary BTU output and the appropriate AC size.

Consider investing in your home health while you're thinking about buying an AC unit. By preventing dangerous pollutants from entering your home, our selection of indoor air purifiers can help keep the air you breathe clean and secure. Checking all potential safety issues is also a good idea, particularly if you plan to install a new AC system or are purchasing a new house. Making purchasing and moving plans should wait until after you have examined all the systems.

A Mettafor sales representative will be happy to come to your home to provide a professional estimate at no cost. Contact us by phone or online today.

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