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Engineering Solutions

In engineering we trust.


Mettafor LLC specializes in the execution of a wide variety of project to suit the varied needs of its clients


Air ventilation is the core part of every project. It has to be designed and implemented professionally.


Designing and installing heating system requires specialty and precision. 


A cooling system is essential for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or office.

Fire Fighting

The protection of human life and property, precisely in that order, is the primary goal of a fire fighting system, making it perhaps the most crucial of all building services.


"At Mettafor, we understand that plumbing issues can be a hassle, which is why our team of professionals are here to provide service and solutions for your plumbing needs."


Mettafor is proud to provide reliable electrical services to help keep your construction project running smoothly.


As Mettafor we offer diverse scope of work with expertise and professionalism. Not just commercials projects, we plot private and govermental projects with trust and confidence.


Hospitals & Clinics

MEP design of Hospitals is cost 30-40% of total construction. Design and execution have to be foolproof and precise.


Hotels & Casinos

Comfortabilty is the core objective of any hospitality organization. To do so; MEP is the key to success.


Restaurants & Cafes

MEP is a crucial part of hospitality businesses not just for customer satisfaction but also running cost of business.


Airports & Hangars

Airports is the first sight that any tourist and guests see. MEP works should create comfort for valuable people of visiting.

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